Started From The Bottom Now She’s Here; Lupe Paramo’s Success Story

Started from the bottom now she’s here: Lupe Paramo, owner and founder of Sphynx Spa Suite , founded her business when she was just 25 years old. Paramo has been in the beauty industry for nine years, and has been an Esthetician for 2 years.

Paramo passion for skincare began when she was a makeup artist at just 15 years old and fell in love with making people feel and look beautiful.

“I have always focused on skincare and and improving the skin instead of just covering it up. I came across Esthetics and signed up for school the same day and fell in love and knew I wanted to do to it for the rest of my life”  Paramo said.


Paramo focuses on a variety of treatments: waxing, facials, lash lift, body contouring , and so many other beauty treatments at affordable prices.

Right out of Esthetics school, Paramo became a Wax Specialist she worked at a well-known wax center, that focused on speed waxing. Paramo quickly became the number one Brazilian waxer in Chicago.

” I am confident enough that I can complete someone in 15 minutes or less.” Paramo said.

After some time had passed, Paramo had gotten call from her esthetics instructor asking her if she wanted to student teach.

“I was nervous but excited because I had a lot of first hand experience to offer. I started student teaching my second week. I had realized how much I had missed the skincare aspect that made me start esthetics in the first place” Paramo said.

spa 2

Paramo’s wall of accomplishments.

A month later, Sphynx Spa Suite was born. Paramo wanted to offer the best services and products for her guests while making everything comfortable for the guests as an individual.

But along with opening, Paramo was faced with the trouble of finding clients.

“Trying to get clients was hard. I had to pay for Yelp and they weren’t that much help in getting me clients either” Paramo said.

“All new business are like a shark tank. All those types of websites want a bargain, they don’t care for new businesses” Paramo said.


Paramo’s mother had designed the artworks in the business to commemorate the opening.

Not only was getting clients hard, but went through moments where Paramo doubted herself. Having the stress of working as a full time esthetician, student teaching part time, and on top that trying to open up her spa.

“It felt like I would run out of hours in the day. My only thought was fulfilling my dreams of being an esthetics instructor and spa owner” Paramo said.

Paramo quickly found a place in the heart of Streeterville, and jumped on the opportunity. But choosing the place meant that she quickly had to think of the name.

spa 1

Paramo’s Offical Logo was designed by someone who works for Urban Outfitters who is based in the U.K. , which took a month to create.

Paramo had to think her feet and quickly decided on the name “Sphynx Spa Suite” , because she is a well-known waxer, and because sphynx s a hairless cat.

” I added Spa Suite because it is based on a suite and I want people to know it’s not your traditional spa. It’s a one-on-one appointment based experience that focuses on your needs, in a suite. I thought it was clever so I went with it.”

Along with the hardships, there came rewards. Paramo clientele quickly rose and she soon started having regulars. Because of her clientele privacy and an impressive work ethic, Paramo now has a strong support system from her customers:

“I’ve been in the beauty business for over 14 years, and I love Lupe! She’s honest, knowledgeable and talented. This place is a hidden gem! Lupe is phenomenal!”- Tiffany V.

“Overall, Lupe is great at what she does and her new salon is so welcoming with the splashes of purple and unique artwork” -Julie R.

Paramo says that what sets her apart from the competition is because she wants to eliminate the guessing games. for example, she chooses what type of facial you get, and she tells you why it fits your needs after she evaluates you skin. Paramo says that thats the only way  facials should be preformed. Paramo says that people shouldn’t have to choose from a menu of a facial that “might” work someone. The reason for this is because everyone skin is unique and has special needs, and Paramo plans to use this to end he guessing wok and and get straight to the point.

Paramo says that she is always surprised when people look back and tell her that they always knew that she would own and open her business and it blows her mind, because says that she herself never saw that happening.

“I have clients that have found me from four years ago because they remembered my name and googled it,  just hoping they would find me. They saw something that I didn’t see myself.”

To have a dream of opening up an business is not easy, especially being so young like Lupe Paramo. At just 25, Paramo opened up her own business and faced one of the biggest hardships a business could go through; finding clients. Yelp, wasn’t that much of help in the beginning, so she had to rely on word of mouth. Not only that, but Paramo faced the stress of opening her business right when she had her full time job as esthetician, and also had her student teaching job.

“I always knew I would own my own business but to see it come to be at a such a young age is a great accomplishment.”

Learning from all that she went through, Paramo now 27,  uses her experiences as platform and offers a advice for people who thinking of opening up a business in Chicago.

“Try and push yourself. I didn’t know how to do it, but its not real big of a deal. There are plenty of resources out there, you just have to go out and do it.”


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